Ovi Sheikh

CEO & Founder

This is ovi. I am a Web Developer & Digital Marketer. I have 7+ experience. Over the years, I have worked on projects for clients from the USA, UK, the Netherlands, Canada, Dubai, Malaysia, and many more. I know how to effectively use digital marketing for online business – this is proved by both the excellent results of our clients. I know also how can make satisfy my clients. I almost time spent on internet technology. I love to work with the Internet and technology. I am also doing a remote Job in USA NveXcorp as a digital marketer. Web Development is my profession and digital marketing is my passion. I love to learn tech-related skills almost time. I have a small tech team. My team members are very consolidated and experienced.

Direct Contact Send mail or add me at Whatsapp +8801681539324.

My Skills

Web Design
Digital Marketing

Technical Education

  • Microsoft Office Application Course (6 months Duration)
  • Graphics Design Course At BCTI (6 moths Duration)
  • Hardware and Networking Course (6 months durations)
  • WordPress Basic development course at Aricho IT school (3 months)
  • Advance WP Development Course at KUET (6 months duration)
  • Web Design and Development at Abloombd (6 months Duration)
  • Diploma on Web Development at KUET (1 years)
  • PHP, MYSQL, SQL, JQUERY, JAVASCRIPT, AJAX CPANEL Advance development from Home2Globe IT.
  • Certified on Digital Marketing( 3 Months course ) 2014 from Grooming Technology From India
  • Certified on Digital Marketing form BITM
  • Also I’m student of AKCC MBA Running.

Work Experience

  • Head of IT [Pixel IT Limited] https://www.pixelitlimited.com/
  • Online Market Research & Branding SA TV
  • Project Head of DTC [Dhaka Traffic Channel] A Combine Project of DMP & Prime Bank
  • Head of Business Development (100Miles IT Limited) (2020 – 2021)
  • WordPress Developer & Digital Marketing Consultant (Virtual Job) (NvexCorp USA) (2015-Continue)  https://www.pixelitlimited.com/
  • Head of Digital marketing (Digital IT limited) (2018-Continue)
  • Digital Marketing Department (ITvisionBD) (2018-2019)
  • Website Maintenance at BayAppStudios (http://bayappstudios.com) (2014-2017) (Remote Job USA)
  • Graphics Designer Intern (Abloom Creative) (3 Months) [2012]
  • Web Designer at Abloom Creative (http://abloombd.com) [2012-2013]
  • CEO & Founder at BayCoders (http://bay-coders.com) (2013-Continue)

My Gallery

Mentorship Experience & Feedback

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